Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wat Buppharam. Chiang Mai. Thailand

Wat Buppharam was founded by King Muang Kaew in 1497. The newest temple's structure is the hall with the pinnacled roof. This building was finished in 1996.

The temple is located on Thaphae road. Almost every day I passed Wat Buppharam during my 3 years stay in Chiang Mai. The Buddha images were my good neighbors.

There are striking carved door panels. It is very fine example of contemporary religious art.

You can admire more stucco reliefs, wood carvings and murals inside the temple.

Abbot Phra Udom Kittimongkol was leading renovation works here for many years.

There are more active temples in the old city of Chiang Mai. Wat Buppharam is only 10 minutes walk from Thaphae Gate - main enter point to old city.

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