Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lake Bosumtwi in Ashanti Country. Ghana

The Empire Ashanti was developed state in 18th century. The gold was a base of Ashanti wealth and prosperity. Ashanti king traded with Sahelian Islamic kingdoms in north and European factories located on the coast in more than 40 castles. British merchants named the area the Gold Coast.

The Ashanti are matrilineal society where line of descent is traced through the mother. Ashanti child inherits father’s soul or spirit and mother's flesh and blood.

Jackson and his younger brother were my guides in the middle of Ashanti country.

Ashanti did not own land, but ancestors allowed them to occupy it. Lake Bosumtwi is considered as sacred area. People believed that the souls of the dead come here to bid farewell to the god Twi so local fishers are permitted to use wooden planks instead of boats.

Lake Bosumtwi is situated within an ancient meteorite crater, 30 km from Kumasi. I stayed there for several days. I enjoyed warm lake's water and hospitality of local people living in 27 villages around the lake.
During my sojourn on Bosumtwi I established my personal record in drinking coconut milk.
On my daily treks around lake my friends opened for me more than 30 coconuts.

Jackson told me the name of lake meant "Antelope God". Nobody could touch the lake's water with an iron. It explained why fishers used only wooden planks.

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  1. ja bym z Tobą chętnie urządziła zawody w piciu kokosa :D TĘSKNIĘ za tym najpyszniejszym trunkiem ciepłych krajów...