Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chiang Mai Wat Suan Dok วัดสวนดอก Thailand

Wat Suan Dok is my favourite temple in Chiang Mai. "Suan Dok" means "flower garden". This name promises relax.

The visitors enjoy space and breeze from mountains during hot days. Everybody can walk around undisturbed. Such conditions are uncommon in crowded Chiang Mai.

The large wiharn was rebuilt before World War II by Khru Ba Srivichai.

The are numerous tombs and chedi contain the remains of the royal family of Lanna Kingdom.

The royal remains were collected from all city and placed there 100 years ago.

Remarkable Wat Suan Dok was established in 1371 during reign of King Ku Na.

The temple contains some striking Budha images.

One of them was cast by King Muang Kaew 500 years ago.

There are also murals showing the lives of the Buddha.

You can visit in Wat Suan Dok teachers and novices of monastery's Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University.

Photo story from North Thailand

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