Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Dewa Made Sugita from Ubud. The man who paints women.

The list of great Balinese painters is very long. The style called "modern traditional Balinese paintings" was born in 1930's thanks to an art influeces of Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet.
The painters from Ubud and Sanur have conquered art salons and recognition in Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney and recently in Hong Kong.

Today next generation of artists born in the 1970's is known far beyond Indonesia. The paintings of master I Nyoman Masriadi has fetched regularly prices $100,000.

It's time to look for painters born in 1980's.

I Dewa Made Sugita was born in 1980.
He's received an art education at the University of Denpasar.
His interests are focused on the characters of Balinese women.
In Sugita's works the female figures domineted entire balinese world.

I visit Sugita's studio at the center of Ubud.
He works regularly there, every day except the religious events.
His works are inspired by such masters as Amedeo Modigliani.

Today his paintings are available for $ 200. Tomorrow can be much more expensive.

The world loves the Balinese art.


  1. choć jeszcze się upewnię - te obrazy, których zdjęcia zamieściłeś są właśnie wspomianego przez Ciebie artysty czy to jedne z "tych droższych"?

  2. @Ania

    To są obrazy Sugity.
    podeśle Tobie namiary do niego :)))

  3. Where can we find Idewa made sugita? We are in Ubud now (only 1 more day, thursday). I was interested in à painting but did not like/trust the gallery. Send me à text message on 0031644400406 and may be we can drop by.. Kind regards, Leanne