Monday, January 11, 2010

Mataram. A bit of impressionism at the bus station. Indonesia

I hang patiently in Mataram waiting for a bus to Bima on Sumbawa Island.

My each journey is the art of waiting. Waiting to get a new place.
There is not big problem with transport in Indonesia.
The buses are not so comfortable like in Malaysia and Thailand, but still its standard is higher than typical chicken's coaches in Africa.

I hovered around the area before boarding the bus.

I like yellow facades of buildings. People prefer cheerful colors in tropical countries.

Blue color gives a cool impression when hot weather is all year.

Coconuts' vendor painted green his mobile stall. Does the color green is associated with cold drinks for you ?

At these stalls at the bus station food and coffee was served.

What a savoir vivre! A driver helped one old woman to get the bus off.

My travel colleague I Inyoman Warsa at our bus to Bima.
The whole night was ahead of us. I could practice local language.


  1. Tribu, ten mój pies to okropna zolza byla...malo kto do mnie przyjezdzal, bo ludzie sie jej bali, ale wierna i miala w sobie to cos...miala piekne zycie a my bylimy z nia szczesliwi, to jest najwazniejsze:)

  2. milo oderwac sie z Twoim blogiem od rzeczywistosci:)