Saturday, October 31, 2009

Barong. The king of spirits from Bali. Indonesia

Barong is a mythical creatures, a protector of mankind who embodies the positive principles. His body recalls the lion. Barong is the king of black magic. He combats dark forces and evil Rangda. In Bali each village on the island has its own protective, strong spirit for its forests and lands.

Barong in Tirta Gangga.

Dancing Barong in Ubud.

Masks of Barong waiting for tourists.

A poster of Barong's presentation.

A solo dance of master Barong.


  1. na Kaszubach najstraszniejsze sa diabelskie skrzypce:) poza tym łagodni jestesmy:)

  2. @Beata

    Od zwalczania złych mocy są w Polsce ekzorcyści.

  3. Oczywiscie, ze katoliccy.
    w PL jest maly pluralizm religijny, spoleczenstwo jest jeszcze mono ( brak roznorodnosci )

  4. Fascinating. I wonder if there are any books in English compiling stories about him…