Thursday, October 29, 2009

Transport in Cambodia.

Construction of new road and continuous improvement in transport is good news for all tourists visiting Cambodia.
Take a look at my pictures of the route between the Krong Koh Kong and Sihanoukville when only ferries were on the route.
Everybody travelling this way saves 3 hours time since the highway NH48 has been completed.

The journey taken in 2006 from the border crossing Cham Yeam–Hat Lek reminded me my expedition in african Congo.

Every cambodian driver was accustomed to the long interruption in travel.

Along the way: 4 rivers without any brigde.

Building material comes from unpopular neighbors.

Still, only 50% of 40 000 km roads are covered with asphalt.
Cambodia is counting on money from neighbors and the international institutions. Phnom Penh needs cash for further construction.


  1. Przynajmniej nie udają, że mają drogi :D

  2. @Athena

    Od kilku dni znowu nie moge czytac Twojego bloga.
    Strona zamyka sie sama po kilku sekundach.

    Nie wiem , co slychac w Gliwicach ?

  3. Tribu: Dzięki za info. Wywaliłam właśnie tłumacza, którego wrzuciłam kilka dni temu - może to była przyczyna (?). Spróbuj teraz :)

  4. przynajmniej nikt tam nie udaje, ze buduje autostrady