Thursday, October 8, 2009

Le Mayeur museum in Sanur. Bali Island

An old guy arrived in Bali by boat.
In 1932 Bali belonged to Netherlands and the island was connected with the world only by vessels. 52 years old Belgian painter from Brussels planned his sojourn for 8 months, but when he met 15 years old Legong dancer in Denpasar he changed his plans.

Young Ni Pollok became his model and wife. The painter lived on the paradise island for 28 years.

Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur became one of the most famous painters in South East Asia. His beach house and studio in Sanur was preserved as museum.

Ni Pollok near the window. Oil painting on canvas from 1938.

The museum was visited by hundreds of tourists for last 50 years.

Although most of the paintings are only reproductions, the visit of artist’s house belongs to cultural highlights in Bali.

Original furniture (without bed) and a small garden give an idea how the Europeans were living in this tropical paradise in the middle of the twentieth century.


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