Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thong Yod - sweets from Ayutthaya court. Food in Siam

One of traditional desserts from time of Ayutthaya Kingdom is called thong yod. Thai cooks were influenced by the Portuguese living in Siam since 1511. Thais started to used eggs as a part of their sweets.

During the Ayutthaya's revolution in 1688, French Jezuits and King Narai's closest councillor Constantine Phaulkon were killed. Phaulkon's Japanese wife had to leave the European residence in Lopburi. She survived cooking sweets like thong yod in Ayutthaya. Even King Phetracha who beheaded Phaulkon and was afraid of European influence in the kingdom liked this egg's desserts.

I ate thong yod today. This stuff is impossible sweet. Too sweet...