Monday, December 28, 2009

Temple Besakih in Bali.

The temple of Besakih is the greatest in Bali. Balinese call it “Mother Temple”. The temple of Besakih was probably built in the fourteenth century.

The temple complex located on the slopes of Gunung Agung is dotted with impressive the merus.
The meru is a kind of high pagoda with receding roofs in form of cascade made of fiber of the sugar palm. The meru represents the greatest cosmic mountain Mahameru and is the seat of the Hindu gods.
Besakih lies at an elevation of 1000 meters and the most days of the year here are cloudy and foggy. Black merus rising to the misty sky are the hallmark of this Mother Temple.

Every temple in Bali celebrates its birthday on the anniversary of its concecration.

The Besakih’s festivals are considered as the most important and attract people from all over Indonesia and even India.

Because the Besakih temple is a cluster of 22 temples, there are annually 80 festivals.

You can always meet people bringing here the offerings' baskets and cups.

The complex is surrounded by a sequence of corridors and stone stairs.

The are some family shrines in the complex. Some are adorned with the sign OM.


  1. egzotyczna antropologia religijności

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    Tak religijni jak średniowieczna Europa.