Monday, April 20, 2009

Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

Petaling place is crowded with locals as well as tourists during day hours end evening time.

What all these people are looking for ? Cheap DVD's ? Pirated Louis Vuitton's bags ?

Yes. Petaling Street is the best place to shop for counterfeit branded products in Kuala Lumpur.

Everything except chinese food is here a fake. I think even good looking fruit contains rich choice of chemical compound. Dmitri Mendeleev could live and work here:)

The second highlight of Jalan Petaling must be local sauna air. It is a magnet attracting all folk.
Bustling Petaling street under new blue roof is hot and humid.

Don't forget knickers and kerchief before you enter Petaling Street. You will miss air conditioners.

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  1. przępiękne zdjęcia...niektóre są bardzo poruszające..
    pozdrawiam ciepło