Thursday, April 30, 2009

11th century Temple of Literature in Hanoi. Vietnam

Temple of Literature was founded in 1070. The university was established within the temple in 11th century and functioned for more than 700 years.

Future doctors had to pass extreme difficult tests and few students were successful during final examinations. Their names are engraved on the stone slabs behind this gate. Emperor Gia Long transferred the university to Hue.

This ancient Confucian sanctuary is now considered as Hanoi's best historical site. The last main renovation works were carried here in 1920's and 1950's.

The main pavilion which once contained altars of 72 of Confucius' greatest students but now contain offices and a gift shop. Temple consists of five courtyards and the statues of Confucius and his four best disciples: Mencius, Yan Hui , Zengzi , Zisi.

It is very relaxing place. The complex is surrounded by high wall and located in the middle of 6 million populated Hanoi.

If you lucky, you can be one of few spectators listen to vietnamese traditional music in temple.

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  1. Adoro lugares assim, cheios de cultura, significados e beleza!!! Quem sabe um dia eu conheço!!!!