Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Improve your chance to get new job in crisis time.

Somebody needs new driving licence or university diploma ? Buy it cheap in Bangkok.

Hello Folk !

There is cool offer to improve your chance to get new job. What do you desire ? Have you always dreamt to become Doc ?

Or you want to become a collage teacher in Asia ? TEFL certificate will open school's doors.

Have you lost driving licence at home ? Do you plan to rent new car during holidays ? You can get new driving licence. Bring a passport photo with you.

You want to enter a concert of your favorite band or pop star ? Buy a press card and go inside without ticket.

Bangkok is the great city of unlimited opportunities:) Fake papers make you happy.


  1. May I have a 'green card' and my social security number for US?

  2. Yes. Please send me advance fee of $12 and 2 passport pics.

  3. This is incredible. You are not joking, are you???

  4. i've seen this all on Bangkok roads, this is not a joke :)