Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kob Suwanan Kongying. Actress from Thailand.

Thai TV series are incredibly popular. TV programmes are watching everywhere in Thailand: market's vendors and taxi drivers watching TV on small screens, at barber shop and local grocery owners have bigger TV sets.

TV series take place in estate house and actors drive limousine cars. Actors are always very beautiful:) The most popular TV actresses become rich.

Kob Suwanan Kongying was born in 1978. She is very popular in Thailand and Cambodia.

Her face became recognizable after historic lakorn สายโลหิต Sai Lohid.

She has played in many TV series for last 10 years.
กลรัก เกมพยาบาท Tricked Love Game of Vengeance was one of the most successful Thai TV production.
ปู่โสมเฝ้าทรัพย์ Pu som fost sap was another historic lakorn about Thai - Burmese combat episoses. The TV plot shows Thai believes in treasure spirits guarding gold in hidden place.
Family's members sacrifice their life for king. They are transformed into helpful ghosts after death.