Saturday, October 16, 2010

Settawaya Paya at Mingun on Irrawaddy bank.

Bodawpaya was the 6th burmese king of Konbuang Dynasty.

His numerous offspring, including 120 official children was only one of many king's achievements. Bodawpaya annexed Arakan with Mrauk U and Tanintharyi coast on the Kra Isthmus.
In 1790, Bodawpaya began to erect large structures at Mingun, on the bank of Irrawaddy river.

Settawaya Paya is the first place visiting by tourist coming by a boat from Mandalay.

The white Chinthe directed toward the river welcomes every visitor.

Paya built in 1811 resembles the structure of many temples in Bagan, which were repaired and renovated at the same time.

There is a shrine with two images of Buddha and a Buddha's footprint inside the temple.

The area is peaceful here, and nobody bothers tourists.
Since the time of the Yangon riots in 2007, the number of Mingun's visitors dropped dramatically.

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