Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sand paintings in Bagan.

The sand paintings were drawn by Tibatan monks, native Indians, Australian Aborigines.
Artists in Bagan do not destroy their work as Tibetans do with their mandalas.
They use sand covered canvas and paint over vivid scenes from Bagan area and copy old frescoes preserved in the local temples.

Fine, white sand is abundant in Bagan.
Mighty river Ayeyarwady carried through the millennia deep layers of sand.

Local people have worked in the manufactures of lacquerware.
Their artistic talents and aesthetic taste are inherited from the generations.

Layers of fine sand are soaked with an acrylic glue. The Bagan paintings are very durable and can be easily rolled.

Many artists working here are deployed at major temples. They paint while waiting for buyers.

It's worth to watch the works of several artists before you buy a painting.
Some of them produce fair masterpieces.

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