Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nga Phe Kyaung teak Monastery with tired cats.

We reach the monastery in the late afternoon.

Our boatman has moored boat at the wooden pier.

The teak wood monastery built on stilts over Inle Lake is very romantic place.

The monastery's great tourist attraction: the cats jumping through hoops are tired. Old cats sleep and young ones don't want to move. Are they hungry ? I don't see any monk.

Impressive statues made in the nineteenth century fill large hall.

Images can not say as the cats. It's a pity. Every wooden Buddha have been a witness of many interesting events.

Several generations of pious Inthe have studied here over last 150 years.

The statues are covered with cloth. Many of them standing in front of the tables decorated with flowers.

The ceiling reveals a lot of makeshift repairs.

The statues are in good condition.

Only a few paintings on canvas are exposed to continual moisture.

Dusk falls rapidly. We return by boat to Nyaungshwe.

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