Thursday, October 7, 2010

Murals in Upali Thein. Bagan

Upali was a monk who found this ordination hall in 13th century.

We do not know how the original Upali Thein looked like. Present stone structure of the hall dates from the 18th century. Upali Thein would not be worth mentioning were it not wonderful frescoes.

The murals painted over 200 years ago indicate that Bagan was the artistic and religious center for many centuries after its golden age.


  1. Niezłe malowidła. Szkoda, że ja angielskiego ni w ząb ;)

  2. @Biurowa

    Mają ponad 200 lat i jeszcze się nie rozpadły ;-)

  3. 200 lat to tyle co moje pianino. Też jeszcze gra ;)