Saturday, May 2, 2009

9th century Mendut Temple. Java. Indonesia

Mendut Temple is located near Borobudur. The temple was built and finished during the reign of King Indra in 9th century.

The temple contains 3 stone Buddhas. The middle statue is 3 metres tall Dhyani Vairocana Buddha. There is enough daylight in chamber at noon. You can admire this outstanding artwork without hordes of tourists who are mostly jaded after visit at Borobudur.

The outer walls is adorned with bas-reliefs of Boddhisattvas.

Candi Mendut was discovered in 1836. The restoration started more than 100 years ago. Many of original slabs and stones are lost during centuries. Some parts of temple are rebuilt with new stones but the top of the roof is unfinished.

In the temple's compound you can watch some loose stones. Probably they derive from another old temples built in the area.

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