Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sepak takraw game on Sunday afternoon in Chiang Mai. Thailand

There is only one public park in downtown of Chiang Mai. It is favorite meeting point for elder gentlemen playing takraw.

Sepak takraw is very popular in South East Asia. The earliest historical account of the game was found in Malay Annals from 15th century. The rich trades and courtiers played sepak takraw in Malacca.
In Thailand the game is just called takraw " rattan ball ". The man standing in a circle kick ball between them.

This sport has become very widely known for last decades.

Today it is played on international level in many countries. A match is played by two teams, each consisting of three players.

The sepak takraw match is played on a similar to badminton double sized court.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Thailand. But people prefer to watch games on TV. Only takraw and badminton are played outdoor by many people. Sure, you can not get tired after takraw meeting. It explains why the sport has many followers.

I believe that many of the Sunday players switch into golf. Golf is a perfect sport for Thai mentality. You play without effort and getting tired. You let to carry your clubs by boys. You can show how rich you are:)

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