Friday, May 8, 2009

Phra Athit Road in Bangkok. Thailand

Phra Athit Road is one of the main street in Chana Songkhram quarter. The area belong to historic Bang Lamphu district built 200 years ago when Bangkok was selected to be the next capital of the Siamese Kingdom.

Local people share their community with tourists and residents from around the world.

Thai traditional food shops open next door to fastfood and guesthouse restaurants.

Phra Athit located parallel to Chao Phraya River is an architectural blend with century old classic buildings in a colonial style and modern westernised shops.

Some international institutions as FAO or UNICEF have here their addresses. It explains an existence of good coffee shops.

Phra Athit located in neighborhood of Phra Pin Klao Bridge enjoys moderate traffic.

An apartmant block recalls me European architecture from 1970's.

The stairs entrance to Bang Lamphu Pier.

At the end of Phra Athit Road is one of 13 forts built in Bangkok 200 years ago.
Phra Sumen Fort in hexagonal shape was built during the reign of King Rama I.


  1. ten white home niczego sobie...

  2. Wlasnie - to moglby byc home jakiegos znanego przestepcy. Osadzic goscia w forcie i kasowac kase z wycieczek turystycznych.

    Oj, duzo jest roznych "gwiazdorow" w tajskich wiezieniach. Kiedys zrobie ranking.