Saturday, November 6, 2010

Photo Stupa Hsinbyume Paya Mingun Burma

King Bagyidaw built this stupa in 1816. The paya is close to the riverbank of Irradawaddy.

Maybe 200 years ago the area around Mandalay was attractive to the rulers. Slaves and peasants had a hard life here. The first carried heavy stones at a place of next royal construction, and the others gathered roots and peanuts in the fields around.

Anyway, the situation of the local population hasn’t changed so much since 1816.
The valley is hot and the lack of rainfall prevents the cultivation of rice. The grain and food is more expensive at Mingun than in Rangoon. Tourists visit Mingun, but their cash flows straight into generals’ pockets.

It is difficult to determine whether the sculptures presented in the niches are original.

Apparently the stupa was built in memory of one of the royal wives.
The princess had to earn the king's respect in the entire group of hundreds wives and concubines. She had to be a unique, special woman.

I don't try to guess at which field she was so distinguished.

Hsinbyume Paya is not deserted. The villagers pray here and light incense.

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