Sunday, May 28, 2017

The comments by Yahoo below text : Merkel warns US, Britain no longer reliable partners

Views and opinions are diametrically different than those presented in the main stream media.
Full text. You should listen the folk.  Just a few first opinions from the top...

Ben Garrison

Jose De LaMigra 31 minutes ago

Absolutely!!! Let her and the other EU idiots fight for their countries destinies. Those dummies are denying one important fact: The west doesn't want to be part of their suicidal plan of supporting muzlum terrorism, raping their citizens with the biggest hoax ever know to man (globull warming regs) and bilking the west with lopsided trade agreements. Europe is spiraling down the #$%$ at it's own hand. You can't help those who refuse to help themselves. They need the west waaaay more than the west needs them. I applaud President Trump for his recent actions and decisions overseas

PaullC 42 minutes ago

And GERMANY is on course again for supporting another HOLOCOST by allowing an unvetted Muslim invasion and the loss of GERMAN NATIONALITY. Why not just bow down and kiss your #$%$ goodbye right now an have done with it, because slowly but surly Germany, France, and all that allow their own demise through this invasion will soon be gone

Newsanno 44 minutes ago

The hell with this communist bag that is destroying europe

Jim 27 minutes ago

Doesn't matter.....The US should distance itself from mainland Europe. They have started down a road that they don't have the guts to change. In twenty or so years the majority of those countries will be muslim and praying five times a day toward Mecca. Britain has realized this and has attempted a correction. But the very liberal policies of mainland Europe will seal their fate. May not like it, but it is the truth.

Russell 22 minutes ago

This Pig had done more damage to Germany than Hitler. She is an enemy of America, and the German people.

William 45 minutes ago

Let Germany defend itself. It is not our problem and send them a Bill for preserving their freedom for the post war decade.They owe the U. S. billions for theirr national defense.Germany is an ungrateful ally. we do not need them.

 Groovimus 35 minutes ago

Europe must run its own candlelight vigils without our help.

Chuck 30 minutes ago

Merkel is feeling rejection for her Leftist anti-Europe, Anti-Germany ideology. This is a dangerous moment because the Leftist dictators of the EU and Merkel realize that time is running out. This will embolden them to act more quickly to establish a single political majority party in Europe. Juncker has already encouraged Romania to fall in line with EU open border policy. Next Merkel and Juncker will welcome Erdogan and his Islamic state as a way to ride the wave of the coming Muslim majority. For some reason, they don't seem to understand that a Muslim majority will mean the end of their Leftist EU

Bob Oscar 29 minutes ago

Merkel has done more damage to Germany than Hitler did. She has invited barbarians into the house, KNOWING they were barbarians re: (The Snake). Germany, and yes, most of Europe's culture has changed forever... (Poland remains *refugee* free...for the moment)...good on them.

Beananza 27 minutes ago

The Germans won't even pony a pitiful 2% to protect themselves. The heck with them. Soon they will be evicted from their own country by the ones they are importing.

emil k 28 minutes ago

Europe is dying and the British smartly want nothing to do with Europe.


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