Saturday, February 12, 2011

Naked woman finds always a buyer. Nude art of Gluckmann and Kisling.

I move from post Mubarak's carnival in Cairo to London.
The people's revolution does not feed a man, but gives illusions and hopes.
Meanwhile great art provides jobs and generate profits among the upper class.

German art dealer Alex Lachmann knew what he was doing, winning fierce battle for a Francis Bacon's painting. Three Studies for Portrait of Lucian Freud ( from 1964) will be shipped to Lachmann's client for $37 million dollars.

Nu couché by Gluckmann (1898-1973)

Thursday's session of Impressionist and Modern art by Christie's was interesting to all investors with less cash.

I chose two paintings.
Russian Grigory Gluckmann's painting Nu couché ( his Paris period ) fetched a noticeable price of $117,000.

Femme nue assise by Moise Kisling (1891 - 1953)

Polish Moise Kisling's tiny (33 x 22 cm) oil on canvas Femme nue assise fetched $42,000.
The master at depicting the female body from Krakow who lived almost his entire adult life in France is one of my favorite painters.

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