Monday, April 11, 2011

Tiger Hill and Yiga Choling gompa.

I don't know why Darjeeling deserves so much attention and is one of the top ten tourist destinations in India. There's nothing special! It is a shithole overrated similar as Hoi An in Vietnam. Let's take such Gangtok in Sikkim. This town is a natural gateway to the Himalayas with fantastic clean streets.

Butcher in Darjeeling.

So I went on the top of Tiger Hill before sunrise, after an instigation of my friend. My ass was frozen there cruelly.

With the first rays of the sun, people gathered in the tower started to take pictures of clouds. Naive tourists believed that their lenses would drill thick layer of clouds and catch sight of snow capped Himalayas (more than 70 km to the summit Kanchanjangha). In the first few minutes, many of them had to believe that the pink clouds were Himalaya mountains. Bengali tourists from Kolkata wrapped up in scarves and jackets had evidently seen something there:) Tourists from Germany were more skeptical.
Then we went to Yiga Choling gompa.

Any Buddhist wat in a Thailand's village is more interesting than Yiga Choling.

Maybe there was a circle of an energy ? I felt nothing there as a man of little faith in supernatural forces. No divine truth was revealed to me in Yiga Choling.

I turned prayer mills wishing myself to get a tasty breakfast as soon as possible. It was almost 8 am.

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