Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The comments by Yahoo below text : EU to open case against Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic over migration.

Some first comments and opinions below the text : describing a desperate attempt by the EU to force three East European governments to accept migrants they have invited themselves.

Cartoon by Igor Kolgarev here .



Congratulations to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. They are the defenders of civilization against the present days barbarians - the invaders of Europe from Africa and Asia. Europe for native Europeans! Expel all African and Asian invaders! Preserve civilization!


Really? EU is trying to dump terrorism on these countries? They don't have WELFARE for their own people, so suck it up EU!


Merkel invited them, Merkel should send them home. These three countries have already larger share of migrants than most of the EU states. They are hosting hundreds of thousands migrants from Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Rumania and other none Muslim countries. The new world leaders and globalists want to &liminate the white population of Europe to gain c0ntrol of all nations. It is in the interest of all EU nations to resist these attempts and protect their national identities, languages, religions and cultural treasures from the savage invaders of their land.


If Italy and Greece are so desperate, why then do they take migrants fished at sea to their own countries instead of taking them back to where they came from? It seems to me that a lot of NGOs in these countries make a nice profit from bringing in refugees. Hopefully Italy and Greece will be more careful in protecting their borders.


Germany, France and Italy can keep them if they took them in the first place. Is EU democracy or a joke?


This is why the EU must fall apart and fail. The original combining of these countries was for trading purposes NOT to remove all sovereignty for the combined nations. It has morphed into a bloated bureaucracy just as we have here in this country with Brussels sticking their nose into every facet of life


Just because these 3 countries were smart and said no to terrorists or the risk of taking them in, the EU is going to punish them? I think the EU is just upset that those countries havent "enjoyed" all the wonderful things by taking refugees/terrorists that the rest of Europe has "enjoyed", like terrorist bombings and vehicle attacks.


In two years only 16,000 out of 160,000 have been relocated. Seams to me no EU countries want these people not just the eastern countries.


So the EU is probing non-compliance with the ethno-cultural suicide agenda. I guess the East Europeans are the ones not willing to swallow the pill, so they will be forced to swallow it. Typical suicide cult behavior!

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