Thursday, May 14, 2015

Open air museum None village in West Timor

None village situated near main road from Soe gives the best view what life was on the island in colonial times.

You will reach village without unnecessary effort, walking 3 minutes from your car.

The view of first beehive huts will give you satisfaction and feeling to be an explore in the heart of darkness.

Your guide will serve a betel nuts on a tray in the front of a village chief. The natives will approve your stay in None and let you walk around. Human safari enters main stage.

The photos with colorful villagers will go round a bunch of your friends on social networks.

Celina will pose at front of her house for you.  She is one of the most experienced pin-up girls in Indonesia.

Another 3 minutes walk to a fort of headhunters : " Benteng None ".

The chief's son, the most serious descendant of Timorese headhunters will face you with a grim glance.

The show of future divination with a stick and egg starts in a moment.

Clean yolk predicts a great raid on neighbors. All warriors will return home healthy and with a trophy.

The women play more practical roles in village.

Spinning cotton, weaving ikats bring cash.

None weaver with a face of Roman noblewoman presents a naturally dyed ikat.

A bit more entertainment and return to the highway.

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