Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three things to do in Kolkata.

There are three things to do in Kolkata. All tourists go to see Victoria Memorial, Kalighat Kali Temple and Mother Theresa's mission. Of course, such a wonderful city like Calcutta has at least 30 interesting places. But you get the most valuable and memorable experiences thanks to a close contact with the inhabitants of Bengal metropolis.

I propose to go by tram. The best are models running continuously since World War II.

Visit the local barber on the street and improve the appearance.

Take a bath in Hooghly River.


  1. cholera, tłoczno tam jakos...:)

  2. @Beata

    15 milionów mieszkańców ! trochę tłoczno...

  3. Twoje propozycje na zwiedzanie są wspaniałe, co prawda broda mi tak gęsto nie rośnie więc golibroda odpada ale chętnie bym poszła do fryzjera w Kalkucie :)

  4. @kozica!

    do fryzjera przed , czy po kąpieli w rzece ?