Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grzegorz Ptak - Wizard from Poland and his paintings.

I still remember a girl. She studied with me at the university. The girl had long black hair and a face with the features of Asian women. She had a squeaky voice.
We gave her a nickname: "the translator of Japanese fairy tales".
This long alias was the quintessence of this girl, her external features.

I've been watching images paint by Grzegorz Ptak for a few months.

My first associations were clear : Mr Ptak is a children's fabulist, a wonderful illustrator of fairy tales.

In addition, Mr.Ptak has a black long hair and his appearance resembles a wizard from Harry Potter's tales.
The artist and his paintings have received the label. Maybe quite wrongly?

I've discovered the second meaning of his paintings. We've never stopped being children.

Let's take a look at the painting A journey to the land of miracle. ( Podróż do krainy cudów )

This is a great variation of Mr. Friedrikson's adventures from "Up".
These are not only our fantasies, that is the message from Mr. Ptak : " Realise your dreams, just do it !"

This painting She and me this night sees in each of us a child.
My guess is that this is a self-portrait of the artist and his wife, Mariola.
They had to listen to really scary stories at night.

If I'm wrong, correct me, Grzegorz.


  1. To add sth, the last painting has something of mandala in it - obviously, not a circle, but mirror-like kathoptric composition & minimalistic approach makes me think of it that way.

    Ptak's paintings are definitely not a stuff to be labeled: "child art".

  2. @Anja

    Thank you for your valuable comment.
    It directs me to hidden meanings that are difficult to discover without a guidance.