Wednesday, April 29, 2015

West Timor jump to Soe

Jesus is a top celebrity in West Timor. The army of his followers love him unconditionally. The Dutch missionaries were very efficient here. Fortunately, the remaining tiny groups of practitioners of old customs and beliefs have survived on the island. This is only one reason to come here.

Residents of Kupang are friendly. They don't see many tourists walking around.

The street food is very limited. Bakso ayam is one of very few warm dishes available in Kupang. Apparently local residents don't eat much seafood and fish.

The local bus from Kupang brought us to Soe.

The route of 110 km is almost smooth as silk.

We checked in at Bahagia II Hotel ( 300,000 rp per room ).

There aren't any fancy eateries in Soe. We carry a small table at the front of local warung and enjoy a bowl of soto ayam with nasi putih.

The young men are aware of fashion. The most popular haircut in West Timor is mohawk.

The only visible industry in Soe is called : furniture industry.
Tourism industry ? doesn't exist. You are on your own. The English speaking knowledgeable guide belongs to category of protected species. Hard to find...


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