Saturday, December 11, 2010

The chicken sacrifice. Sumba Island

The animal sacrifice is important and significant activity in the Merapu culture.
In West Sumba the animal sacrifice takes place every day.
Chicken is a perfect medium, cheap and available everywhere on the island.
Skilled medicine man can read easy the devine sighs.

Medicine men made the chicken sacrifice on the royal tomb. Ikat

The communication with the ancestors during the funeral is important. The deceased may provide guidance for the living in the village.

The last will of leaving soul can be read from the guts of the slain animal.

Talking with spirits takes place in everyday life.
Old medicine man prays before killing the chicken.

Slitting throat of animal. Blood drips into a wooden bowl.

Plucked feathers. Important is the number of feathers. An odd number on a particular day can mean a bad omen.

Reading a message from chicken's guts.

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