Saturday, July 11, 2015

The best silver earrings are hoop earrings

The list of  best sellers this year. Category : earrings.
The 10 pairs of the most popular silver earrings among 300 designs from #StudioApsara.
Trends are easy readable : all but one pair ->  "hoop earrings"  + only two pairs with gemstones.

Oblong hoop #10m Mustika design

Oblong hoop #142m Mustika design

Hoop #8m Mustika design

Hoop #304K  old Balinese design

Oblong hoop #137e Daddy Komang design

Hoop #573E old Balinese design modified by Leonard

Chandelier #614m Kadek design

Topaz hoop #260E Kadek design

Hoop #103m Mustika design

Onyx oblong hoop #406K Kadek design

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